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Project Duration

Jul 2020–Sep 2020

Team Size

9 Members

Business Domain



PHP ,Android studio, For SDK Java and UI android xml

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Objectives and Challenges

HeloCherry video-sharing app is an entertainment application. Many of Indian users looking for this kind of App. Users can create the short videos using this app and can be shared to private or public groups and show their talent and skills and become popular and earn with their popularity as well.


HeloCherry is a music and video platform that allows users to create and share videos online. HeloCherry app enables users to upload videos and film content. After that, the videos can be edited as the application provides many editing effects, filters, and more.

Additionally, HeloCherry is a perfect platform for showing talents and sharing knowledge with a broad audience. It can convert a video into live wallpaper. This kind of platform has become popular in a short time.


  • User can upload videos taken from their camera or gallery with an easy and fast way to post videos and can be shared private or public
  • Adding many filters and effects to the video unique filters.
  • Users should have capabilities to edit the video on the app.
  • Share their publications on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additionally, HeloCherry offers to connect the user’s profile to other social networks.
  • To keep users posted, it’s necessary to add a push notification function. You need to inform the users about comments on their videos, likes, or any other updates.
  • User management (e.g. edit, delete, or block users). Additionally, it can assist in counting posts of a particular user, providing data about new users, and more.

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