Project Duration

Jan 2021 - Present

Team Size

30 Members

Business Domain

Service Provider –Healthcare


WordPress, HTML, CSS3,
jQuery, Bootstrap, Flutter,

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Objectives and Challenges

KARKINOS HEALTHCARE (KH) is burning to fabricate a start to finish innovation driven oncology centered oversaw medical services stage where basically no individual is denied of care either by absence of access or reasonableness.


Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, a reason driven innovation drove oncology stage, is centered around planning and conveying custom answers for malignant growth care. The organization, drove by a mix of around the world acclaimed clinical experts and technologists, is determined to make ‘malignant growth places without dividers’ with an essential point of tending to the openness or moderateness holes in disease care.

The fundamental principle of Karkinos health is democratization of cancer care in a participatory fashion with existing health providers, researchers and technologists.


State of the art technology curated for oncology

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