What is LAMP Technology?

LAMP Technology is an open source Web development stage that utilizes Linux as the working framework, Apache as the Web worker and MySQL as the social information base administration framework and PHP as the article situated scripting language.

(Now and again Perl or Python is utilized rather than PHP.)

LAMP is an acronym and it stands for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP”, which is a server design for web applications and an open source platform.

LAMP in some cases called as LAMP stack. LAMP components are interchangeable.

Since the stage has four layers, LAMP is here and there alluded to as a LAMP stack.

Designers that utilize these instruments with a Windows working framework rather than Linux are supposed to utilize WAMP; with a Macintosh framework, MAMP; and with a Solaris framework, SAMP.

Uses of LAMP Technology:

LAMP Technology is suitable for building dynamic web sites and applications.

LAMP framework unlocks many new possibilities to clients without any license restrictions. You can deploy and develop LAMP according to your needs.

They are fully customizable and can be modified according to your requirement.

Applications developed using LAMP Technology is compatible to majority of web browsers.

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