A robust 2D game engine, Sprite Kit development is perfect for iOS developers. The benefits of choosing the Sprite Kit Development framework for game development are many. Here are a few reasons why we vouch for Sprite Kit Mobile Application Development

Since it is built right into the iOS framework, it eliminates the need to download extra libraries. Moreover, no external dependencies are required. There’s no need to worry about updating and support as the framework is written by Apple. The iOS framework supports Sprite Kit development along with several special effects like masking, videos, and integrated physical library amongst others.

Sweken has been involved with Android App Development since it was first
launched. All this time has given us valuable insights and expertise in
offering development services that are customized to your business
needs. Our Android developers and programmers are seasoned professionals
who have an extensive understanding of custom Android app development.

The advent of the smartphone era brought with it numerous opportunities for innovation and businesses saw a great advantage in getting on board with this trend. Deriving maximum benefits from Mobile Application Development, businesses have seen exponential growth in terms of profits. Developing applications for different technology platforms like Android, iPhone and Windows gives your business a “future ready” solution. Whether you are using a mobile app for a business process, or for marketing or for customer service purposes, PhoneGap Application development services could be your one step solution to target all platforms!

Hybrid Mobile Applications are developed using the versatile web technologies including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more. Thus, these apps need only a single code to run on multiple platforms making them cross-platform ones. The only thing that needs to be done is bridging the code with an app and you can cater to a huge amount of audience. With our highly skilled team of hybrid mobile app developers, you can rely on us with your requirements and we will produce an amazing app for your business covering all your requirements.

Ionic is an open source framework specially created for hybrid mobile app development. It takes Cordova or PhoneGap as a native wrapper along with the support of AngularJS. Ionic acts as a robust front-end UI framework and provides attractive look & appealing fill plus user highly interactions based

The best part about using PWAs is their ease of accessibility. Since they don’t require separate bundling or distribution, PWAs can work in any browser.

Progressive web applications can work well on android devices Users can easily install and operate PWAs on iPhones, iPad, etc. PWAs can be used wherever the web runs. They can be used on tablets, smartphones, or any device that has browser support


at sweken it solutions, we design and develop mobile apps and websites according to customer requirement. we use latest technologies for mobile app and web development to stand over the market competition. we have a team that is well expertise with the technologies to implement the given tasks. we are best in mobile app and web development services new businesses are created, more revenue channels introduced through mobile apps. we build enterprise apps that are more secure, scalable and robust and help the organizations. based on client requirement, our team is well-equipped to work on app frameworks.